House Beautiful Home in Glencoe, IL

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Here are a few photos of the House Beautiful magazine project that Secured Entries, Inc. installed garage doors for. This home was completely gutted and redesigned as a charity project in Glencoe, IL. The house will be up for sale by bid only and all proceeds go to charity.

Since the garage is on the backside of the home, the garage doors weren’t as important to the architect as they would have been if the garage were located in a more prominent place on the property so the doors that they wanted on the home were a simple raised panel design with a prarie lite top section.

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Garage Doors From Inside

Another Photo of Doors From the Inside

Garage Doors From the Outside of Home

Another Photo of Doors

House Beautiful Magazine Home in Glencoe

House Beautiful Magazine Home in Glencoe Two

Powder Coating on Rails and Door Hardware

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